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Offering Technical Editing

for your knitting patterns

What is Tech Editing?

Technical editing or tech editing is a final look at a knitting pattern for accuracy, consistency, and readability. Designers and pattern writers become too close to their work to see errors.  The fresh set of eyes of the tech editor is invaluable before publishing a pattern.  The tech editor does not knit the pattern, that is left for the test knitters.  Editing can be done before or after the pattern has been test knit. 

What you can expect when I edit your pattern

Accuracy:  No designer wants to find out there are errors in the pattern after publishing.  Errors can occur in stitch counts, sizing, increases/decreases, charts. I will meticulously check all of the math and make sure charts match the written description.
Consistency:  A professional pattern uses consistent abbreviations and standard language. This is carefully checked. Although round and rnd mean the same, I will  look carefully to see if you have used the same version throughout the pattern.


Readability:  There are many ways to say the same thing. Because of my 15 years of knitting, I offer suggestions of how to make the pattern easy to understand for the level of knitter the pattern is targeting.  I also check for use of standard knitting language.
What designers are saying about Karen

"Karen has demonstrated a great ability in not only identifying technical and mathematical errors but also in providing valuable input on overall pattern composition and consistency - even the smallest details that I often overlook she catches every time. I love how she always edits my patterns from both a technical perspective as well as from the knitter's perspective to help me create clear, consistent patterns that my customers can rely on to be accurate and to be enjoyable. She is timely, professional, so easy to communicate with and is such a pleasure to work with." 

Elizabeth Smith, The Brownstitch

"Karen is a meticulous and thorough editor.  Her feedback was organized and easy to follow.  She caught the errors I had missed, and provided great suggestions to improve the clarity and consistency of the pattern. I would recommend her to other designers."


Mountain Majesty Designs.

"Karen is a very talented editor, with both the technical and artistic skills to help designers make their patterns accurate, coherent, and user-friendly."


Mare Wilson Designs

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