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About Me

Why Ragamuffin?  It came to me while I was designing a raglan sleeve tee with my ragamuffin cat on my lap. Yes, that is a breed of cat.  Ragamuffins have super soft fur, are floppy like a ragdoll and can't jump well.  

Meet Mica. 

To learn more about this breed check out: 

Ragamuffin Cat Breed

I am a voracious knitter.  I can't seem to sit without knitting. I started about 15 years ago, although I must have learned as a child because when someone tried to teach me, I just started knitting.  Who knew. 

Friends agree I'm a bit of a geek.  I love the math of knitting and being a pattern decoder. I used to be an accountant - the origins of my nerdom, but I now work as an oncology dietitian. Nearing a planned early retirement, I am taking my knitting skills in a new direction. Tech Editing excites me. It's nerd meets knitter.


When not knitting, I can be found at the gym, coaching speedskating, cycling with my husband or petting cats.


I will carefully edit your knitting patterns. I welcome both new and seasoned designers. Let me help you make your pattern the best it can be. 

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